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LED lighting is far more energy efficient than other types of lighting. It might surprise you to learn just how much you can save by retrofitting with LEDs—most businesses see reductions of up to 50% of their hydro costs. With LED systems, light is delivered through light-emitting diodes, or tiny semi-conductors, rather than through chemical vapor or wire filaments. These lamps are highly efficient; 80%–90% of the electrical energy that they use is converted into light, with only 10%–20% lost to heat. (The opposite is true of incandescent bulbs, while compact fluorescents average a rate of between 55% and 70%.)

Because LED lamps last three to five times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs—and up to thirty times longer than incandescent bulbs—they need a lot less maintenance. Your business can save a significant amount of money on maintenance costs and on the cost of replacement lamps.

Although retrofitting to LEDs will require an initial investment, the ROI is significant, and most businesses recoup the cost within two years. Government-sponsored rebates may be available to help defray the initial expense. In addition, retrofitting your space will increase your building’s rental potential and/or resale value.

Better for Employees
Better for Employees

Does your current lighting meet national safety standards? Poor lighting is a health and safety hazard for workers, and research shows that up to 60% of workplace accidents could have been prevented by better lighting. Plants where machinery is in operation need good lighting in order to prevent serious injuries. Even in office or retail settings, a large percentage of accidents involve tripping, and better illumination helps workers to see obstacles in their paths.

Eye strain, fatigue, and slipshod work are also associated with substandard lighting. Business owners and managers who opt to retrofit often find that productivity increases when employees are better able to see what they’re doing clearly. Even simply switching to LEDs on your existing fixtures can improve conditions, but with a full retrofit you can install LED fixtures designed to meet your workplace’s precise needs, using output controls, dimmers, motion sensors, and more. LEDs can produce light in a range of colours, and you can choose the tone most suitable to your environment.

LEDs release very little heat, so don’t contribute to warming the space on a hot summer day, and a brighter atmosphere has even been shown to boost morale. LEDs, unlike fluorescents, do not release harmful toxic substances if they are broken.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Because LEDs use less electricity to achieve the required illumination levels, installing an LED system will reduce the amount of CO2 produced by lighting your space, thereby reducing your business’s carbon footprint. LED lamps are much more efficient than fluorescents, and they’re safe, non-toxic, and recyclable.

Look for a company that provides a complimentary lighting aassessment of your existing system and that will provide you with turnkey service for a retrofit. Experience the difference that LED lighting can make!


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